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Wargaming.net Public API is a set of API methods that provide access to Wargaming.net content, including in-game and game-related content, as well as player statistics.

World of Tanks Wargaming.net Public API

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Wargaming.net Public API (API Reader); Wargaming.net Public API

Important know


A user communicates with a domain/subdomain, which represents the game cluster, via HTTP(S) and API returns values.

The part of domain name indicating a cluster is denoted as <server> .

Two HTTP(S) methods to transfer the parameters:

  1. GET:
      specified in the URL request.
    Example: ?<param_name>=<param_value>
  2. POST:
      specified in HTTP request.
    Example: ?<param_name>=<param_value>

The format of all URL requests:

http(s)://<server>/<API_name>/<method block>/<method name>/?<get params>


All text parameters should be transferred in UTF-8 encoding. Read more .